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Economical Solution for Tapping and Milling



The new year sees the economically priced EMUGE FRANKEN Selection range expand dramatically with thread production additions of ;

• UNC and UNF thread forms for the STEEL-TIN taps
• UNC thread form on the STEEL-SN-TIN roll taps
• The introduction of EMUGES hand taps in Metric and UNC thread forms
• Circular thread milling cutter capable of producing multiple thread forms (Metric, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, UNEF, EG-M, EG-UNC and EG-UNF)

The FRANKEN Selection milling range expands even further now offering

• High performance Aluminium milling cutters
• Micro-diameter slotdrills (0.3mm-1.8mm diameters)
• Extra long lengths now offered on the popular ENORM endmill range

We have covered the Selection Range in our blog previously HERE but we will look at the new additions to the range in detail in the next few weeks – so keep an eye on our blog for details.

Get in touch today to request your new 2015 Selection catalogue or alternatively you can download a pdf copy here : NSERT EMUGE-SELECTION_2015_pdf

Expanding Our Supply Base

June 6th, 2012



Bringing our customers more high performance tooling options!


At NSERT UK we have intentionally kept our supplier base focused on a few core brands of products that we can use to optimise our customers production and offer drastic cost reductions across the entire production process. In the past couple of years we have seen great success with Taegutec and Safety Tooling – utilising the innovative technologies from these international carbide manufacturers to help or customers reduce production time and increase the quality of their output.

We are proud to announce that recently we have added another couple of world leading brands to our portfolio of suppliers;

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Emuge Multi Tap Range

Emuge MultiTAP

Could you get more out of your taps?


Why not try EMUGEs excellent MULTI-TAP range? A high performance tap suitable for general purpose use across a range of materials all with a very reasonable price tag.

Emuge is known for producing high performance, application specific taps – these are great for users who have regular applications in a specific materials but many customers deal with a wide range of different materials and need a general purpose tap. It is with this in mind that Emuge have created the Multi-Tap range. An affordable yet high performance tapping solution, which means you don’t need a specific tap for each application the Multi Tap range is ideal for customers who work with short and medium run threading applications across a wide spectrum of materials.

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