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Expanding Our Supply Base

June 6th, 2012



Bringing our customers more high performance tooling options!


At NSERT UK we have intentionally kept our supplier base focused on a few core brands of products that we can use to optimise our customers production and offer drastic cost reductions across the entire production process. In the past couple of years we have seen great success with Taegutec and Safety Tooling – utilising the innovative technologies from these international carbide manufacturers to help or customers reduce production time and increase the quality of their output.

We are proud to announce that recently we have added another couple of world leading brands to our portfolio of suppliers;

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Stock Management Solutions

April 21st, 2012





One of the best ways to reduce your tooling spend is to make use of industrial vending systems on your shop floor. You can ensure that tooling is available to your operators 24 hours a day without increasing workload for store managers or allowing a “free for all” attitude to be taken to stocked items.

We manage an increasing number of vending machines for many of our regional customers. Upon installation our customers show on average an instant 30% reduction in their tooling spend (not great news for us, but brilliant for our customers!).

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Carbide Recycling

March 3rd, 2012


Used Carbide Scrap

What do you do with your used carbide products?

Helping you with your Enviromental Compliance and also helping you get a little back against the cost of your carbide tooling, NSERT UK offer a full scrap carbide recycling service.

We’ll collect your scrap carbide (over 25kg) within 100 miles of our Sunderland offices and offer very competitive prices for all your waste carbide inserts, endmills, drills, reamers, threadmills and taps.

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Keep Your Production Rolling

February 26th, 2012


Kardex Storage Machine

Have you ever been let down by a delivery?


Everyone seems to have experienced that sinking feeling when they realise that their urgent DHL/UPS/Royal Mail delivery has gone missing.  Or, worse still that they know exactly where it is, it’s in South America and was signed for at 11:20 this morning by Mr Juan Lopez. (If you’re reading this Juan we want our inserts back!)

Of course in the engineering business a missing parcel can mean a halt in production, and a halt in production can mean thousands of pounds wasted in lost time, and worse still a black mark against your name from your customer.

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