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Emuge MultiTAP

Emuge Multi Tap Range

Could you get more out of your taps?


Why not try EMUGEs excellent MULTI-TAP range? A high performance tap suitable for general purpose use across a range of materials all with a very reasonable price tag.

Emuge is known for producing high performance, application specific taps – these are great for users who have regular applications in a specific materials but many customers deal with a wide range of different materials and need a general purpose tap. It is with this in mind that Emuge have created the Multi-Tap range. An affordable yet high performance tapping solution, which means you don’t need a specific tap for each application the Multi Tap range is ideal for customers who work with short and medium run threading applications across a wide spectrum of materials.

Years in development the Multi Tap features a completely new, innovative geometric design and a special base material and surface treatment allowing the tool to handle numerous materials and applications. The Multi tap is constructed of a proprietary grade of HSSE nitrided with a Ne2 surface finish.

We’ve been getting some great results with our customers using the Multi Tap range – they have easily out performed other manufacturers general purpose taps and the cost per hole value has proven to been a real cost saver.

Give us a call today if you are interested in trying the Multi-Tap range or any other Emuge product and we will arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.

See more information on the Emuge Multi-Tap range here : Multi Tap PDF

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