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Kennametal Milling Kit Sold Out

Kennametal Stock Offer


1 x M1H63T4R65A27S90ED14C12 63mm HELICAL SHELL MILL

20 x EDCT 140412PDERLDJ KC422M (Aluminium Grade)

Normally, if your supplier was feeling kind you’d expect to pay over £500.00 for this premium helical cutter from Kennametal – we have a couple of these kits in stock which we are willing to let go for only £160.00 each via Paypal.

So that’s a cutter AND 20 inserts to suit,  for less than half the RRP! Also this kit comes complete with a stylish (if you like yellow) carry case, extra insert screws and a torx driver.

As we only have a couple of these kits in stock they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

 UPDATE – I’m sorry but this item is now sold. Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact us if you have a requirement for similar products as our stocks are constantly rotating.

For technical information regarding the 1-14 Helical Cutters see here

See the videos below for the Kennametal 1-14 Helical in action.

All questions regarding this deal will be answered in the comments section (no need to register, you just need a valid email account)