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New Website Launched

February 9th, 2012



Welcome to the all new and improved NSERT UK website!

We’re proud today to see the launch of our new website, you might already know about it (seeing as you’re reading it) but we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you about it anyway.

Our new site has been designed with a few simple ideas in mind;


This site has been designed with a fluid layout which means that the content will automatically move to suit the screen you are viewing it on. It should look just as good on your widescreen TV or your smartphone as it does on your computer. You can test the fluid layout by resizing your browser window. Pages should also automatically adjust when printed (press Ctrl +P to test the print layout) We are hoping that this layout will make the site just as functional no matter what device you choose to use to visit us.


To ensure our site is kept up to date and relevant we’ve chosen something that is easy for us to update – this means that new products and promotions should appear here as soon as possible (giving you an early heads up on the money saving deals we can offer as soon as they’re available). Check the blog regularly or subscribe via email to receive immediate updates as soon as they’re posted.










There are a couple of elements ever present on every page of our new site, firstly the Navigation Header is where you’ll find the main page menu for the site – using this you can always quickly access the section you’re looking for. There is also the Social Footer which is where you’ll find links to our social networking profiles, recent Tweets from NSERT UKs Twitter account and contact details so you can easily get in touch.





Posts that offer great deals or money saving tips can be found in our highlights section. Three of our most recent highlights will always be displayed on our home page so you can check at a glance the most relevant posts that could save you money – just click on the pictures from the front page to be taken directly to the relevant post.


The NSERT UK Blog is where you will find all the news and promotions we regularly update on the site – from the blog sidebar (to the right) you can easily search for anything on the site, quickly find the most recent posts and also sign up for our email newsletter. Just enter your email address and click submit to sign up and you’ll receive updates as soon as they are posted on the blog directly to your email inbox. So you can keep up to date with everything on our site without ever having to even visit.

Most posts also feature a comment section open to anyone with a valid email address. All comments are welcome, we’d like to encourage our visitors to get in contact and join the conversation however they choose so we’ve made it as easy as possible to voice your opinions, share tips or just rant at us for our poor grammar and obviously spelling mistakes. Comments are screened before approval so please try and keep it clean.


That’s it for now, if you have any questions or comments about the site please feel free to leave a comment.

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