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Keep Your Production Rolling

February 26th, 2012


Kardex Storage Machine

Have you ever been let down by a delivery?


Everyone seems to have experienced that sinking feeling when they realise that their urgent DHL/UPS/Royal Mail delivery has gone missing.  Or, worse still that they know exactly where it is, it’s in South America and was signed for at 11:20 this morning by Mr Juan Lopez. (If you’re reading this Juan we want our inserts back!)

Of course in the engineering business a missing parcel can mean a halt in production, and a halt in production can mean thousands of pounds wasted in lost time, and worse still a black mark against your name from your customer.

Regional customers! Next time you’re let down by a delivery and facing a halt in production why don’t you give us a call? We might just be able to get you rolling again!

We carry the largest stock of  carbide inserts in the North East, as well as a large selection of different sized solid carbide milling cutters, solid carbide drills, indexable holders, back-ends, udrills and more! We mightn’t have the exact item you’re waiting for but with the stocks we carry we’re certain to have a solution that will get your production moving again and get the job out the door.

Call us on 0191 5487099 and we’ll do our best to get you out of a hole.

We’re currently in the process of organising our stocks to better locate items and when we do we’ll be showcasing our stocks here a little more (with video because it really does have to be seen to be believed)

To give you an idea of the kind of stocks we hold we’ve thrown together a little gallery below.

If you have any questions or comments the comment section is open (no need to register, you just need a valid email address)

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