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Buying Online With PayPal

February 18th, 2012


Online Shopping Cart

Over the years we have sold thousands of top quality carbide inserts to customers all over the world and one of the most frequently received questions we get asked is “Do you accept credit card payments?”

Now, you’d think that not having the facilities to process credit card payments would make this a quick question to answer but it’s not exactly as straight forward as all that.

Even though we don’t have any ‘Chip and Pin’ gadgets in the office and can’t process your card directly, you can still pay for your goods with your credit card. You can pay via PayPal even without an account! 100% secure! 100% Protected. Simple and straight forward to do!

PayPal LogoSo don’t be afraid to click the Buy Now buttons on our promotion pages. Just select the ‘Don’t Have A PayPal Account’ option and you can enter your credit card details just like you would on any other site. (and because you only provide your details directly to PayPal even WE don’t get to see them!)

If you haven’t got a PayPal account yet we’d strongly recommend setting one up – it’s not really that difficult to do, and the lists of services that accept PayPal as a payment method keeps getting longer and longer (without showing any sign of reclining). Once you’ve set up your account you can send payments or request money just by entering an email address, and of course you’ll be able to accept payment from other PayPal users (All 150 million of them!)

Click here for official PayPal things.

Obviously we don’t work for PayPal and can’t resolve your account queries but if you have any questions (that we can help with) feel free to leave a comment below. (No need to register, you just need a valid email account)

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